Being in Colour sessions

The Being in Colour® process works well alongside other techniques to open up dialogue between the practitioner and the client and assists you to Be the best you can be Now.

The basic process is simple, safe and empowering. The card visuals stimulate a reaction to assist you to help understand yourself better. You are the most important person in this process and you hold the key to your destiny. I am just a facilitator assisting you to locate your key and unlock the door safely. Sometimes your realisation can be fairly quick and the resulting revelation is a wonderful start on the road to the "new you". I have seen people’s attitudes and awareness completely turnaround from the time they walk in to when they depart. We always offer a positive outcome even when the answer is something quite different to what you expected. Being in Colour® assists you to formulate a focus, an affirmation and work towards your goal through this innovative method.