Cosmic Radiance sessions

Re-discover. Remember

Reconnect with your natural psychic and healing abilities

To be the best you can be Now!

Book in for a session to expand your awareness and....

  • Create balance in your Auras, Chakras and Energy systems
  • Realign yourself with Dowsing, Radiesthesia and Divination
  • Release and express through Art for Therapy
  • Enjoy Colour, Sound, Meditation and Movement
  • Understand your embedded limiting Programmes and Beliefs
  • See what the Body Intuitive has to say to you
  • Let go and destress with Crystal grids
  • Give healing to the Animals, Plants and Earth
  • Be inspired quickly and easily with The Being in Colour® Card Process
  • Journey back to receive the gifts of yesteryear with The enlightening Cosmic Past Life journey


Cosmic Rradiance Rainbow sessions are safely led by a qualified facilitator trained by myself. We come from many angles to help the client Be the best that they can be through gentle guidance we listen and repeat back what is said so that the client can listen to what they have said. We also offer an array of incredible techniques from crystal healing to art for therapy.

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