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View the YouTube video of Pip Oxlade and Dale Smart talking about the Cosmic Radiance DISCOVERY retreat   View the YouTube video of John Oxlade and Dale Smart talking about the Cosmic Radiance DISCOVERY retreat


Very informative and helpful as a positive and inspiring guide to your true being. Very thorough presentation with clear, concise conclusions. Afternoon - Peaceful and healing and fun. Learning and embracing the light.


This course teaches you the power of tapping into your sensory state interpreting and transforming thoughts / beliefs through colour, drawing and art. Meditation was great, was able to learn new and easy ways to meditate.


Day 2 (art therapy and meditation) were very relaxing, inspiring and revealing. I feel I have a deeper understanding of my needs. Thank you for you gentle, uplifting energy, Pip


Pip is such a phenomenal guide and teacher who will change not only your world, but your mind, heart and spirit. You will "believe" once again in you true self love and limitless possibilities. Incredible, amazing, I highly recommend every person to do this. Explore and spoil yourself.


I did all workshops, from each one I have gained techniques and inspiration so I can move forward spiritual journey.


Both the art therapy and meditation workshops were wonderful to be part of as always Pip’s teachings are inspirational and filled with love and colour.



What I love most about this couse is that there is no right or wrong answers. That everything is right, and it encorporates every single person. The colour is brought into peoples lives and it is able to heal ANYBODY! Over this week I have done so much growing in myself. I feel so priveledged to be one of the first four people to be taken through this course. Thank you so much.

From one of my first Cosmic Radiance students

It has been a great privilege to be in this special group of people, to be taught these wonderful techniques by a very talented woman, who has been dedicated to her work to make this possible and who is also prepared to travel a distance to present this course and information to us. It has been hugely benefical and a privilege. It will help me with me with my life and allows me to pass it onto others.


You are so alive and passionate about your cards and what you teach. You light up my life when you are around. Loved the last 9 days. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I am fully committed to my BIC journey and where it will take me, look out world!!!!


It is such a priviege to learn directly from the person who has created this powerful system. I love the choices of modalities that support BIC.